Life Video

By Luke Kenton

This the adorable moment a doting dad soothed his autistic son’s sensory needs by simulating a makeshift elevator.

For four-year-old Brayden Lombard, everyday living can prove to be an overwhelming task because of his autism.

But thankfully, his adoring dad, Dane, is always on hand to soothe his son’s sensory needs.


Diagnosed with the mental condition from an early age, little Brayden recently developed a fascination for elevators after riding one consistently en route to his speech therapy sessions.

Often ‘stopping at nothing’ to ride an elevator, Dane, realising the difficulties an obsession for mechanical lifts poses when at home in Danvers, Massachusetts, invented an ingenious way of satisfying his son’s favourite sensation.

Complete with a button, moving doors, upwards and downwards motions, and sound effects, the ‘Dad Elevator’ leaves Brayden beaming from ear to ear; it has now become part of his bedtime ritual.

Looking on in awe, mum Nicole said: “Brayden becomes very focused on certain things in life and elevators have always been his number one.

“His obsession began at speech therapy: every week he would look forward to going in and pressing the button and hopping on to go upstairs.


“He gets serious satisfaction out of them and loves how they all make different noises or open differently.

“His fascination sometimes acts as a challenge, as he will stop at nothing until he rides one.

“This is how the fake elevator came about, starting at bedtime it was made to seem like he was taking it up to the second floor to go to sleep.

“He absolutely loves it and rides it every night.

“The happiness I feel seeing the two of them playing together takes my breath away.


“No one else in world matters when those two play, they get lost in each other’s worlds and it’s incredible to watch.

“I’m so fortunate that he has a dad as committed, accepting and focused as Dane is.”