Offbeat Video

By Kristiana Hall

A man took on a 9,000 calorie eating challenge combining of all the best known British snacks.

Adam Moran, 32, from Leeds, made it his mission to consume the snacks, that made up a total of 9,330 calories in total, in just one hour, that included Twiglets, a pork pie, a pot noodle and tea cakes.

PIC FROM Caters News

He said: “I came up with the idea for this particular video after I got back from the world pumpkin pie eating championships in New York.

“I was a little homesick for British snacks, so I decided to do a giant banquet of them.

PIC FROM Caters News

“I managed to get through most of it but couldn’t finish the pork scratchings, Hula Hoops, Mini cheddars, Snickers, Nestle crunch, Kit Kat Chunky, Mars Bar, trifle, chocolate fingers, within the time.”

The competitive eater, who is one of the best in the UK, remains in shape by exercising and eating salad between his marathon eating session.

PIC FROM Caters News

He said: “It’s fun being England’s best competitive eater, I YouTube for a living amongst other things, I like entertaining people with my admittedly pretty useless talent.

“I exercise a lot and eat nothing but salads on my days off, when I’m not eating something daft like this.”


A beef tomato pot noodle

Twiglets 150g

Fray Bentos steak and kidney pie

6 mini pork pies 300g

Walkers prawn cocktail crisps 25g

Mattessons Fridge Raider chicken bites

Mr Kipling 6 Cherry Bakewells

Walkers Wotsits Really Cheesy Snacks 22.5g

6 Tunnock’s Milk Chocolate Tea Cakes

Fry’s Chocolate Cream Bar

AERO Peppermint Chocolate Multipack (3 x 27g)

McVitie’s Penguin Original 18 Pack

Cadbury Twirl Chocolate Bar 43g

Daim Chocolate Bar 28g

Lion 50g

Cadbury Time Out Chocolate Biscuit 32g

TWIX Fingers 6 x 23g

Fry’s Turkish Delight 51g

Mr. Porky Prime Cut Scratchings 35g

McVitie’s Hobnobs 300g

YORKIE Milk 46g

Kinder Bueno Milk and Hazelnuts 2 x 21.5g (43g)

IRN-BRU 500ml Bottle

Vimto Fizzy 330ml

Ginsters of Cornwall Peppered Steak Slice 170g

Total calories: 9,330