Animals Video

By Jack Williams

This is the heart-stopping moment a pair of rescuers were required to rappel down a daunting cliff face in order to save a trapped cat.

The black feline, named Zion, had become stranded roughly 150 feet down the steep pitch, unable to climb back to the top or reach safe ground below.


Fearless rescuers Gaby Lera and Annette Ramirez were called to the scene, in Los Angeles, California, USA, on October 29, capturing the entire rescue using their headcams.

Armando Navarrete, of SMART Los Angeles, which oversaw the rescue, said: “No rescue is every typical – but this was definitely a first.

“SMART usually gets calls for cats stuck in pipes, between walls, up power poles or up in trees.

“This was the first ‘Cat over a cliff’ rescue, but I’m sure it won’t be the last.”

With each holding a net on the end of a pole, Gaby and Annette rappelled down to the frightened Zion, who was extremely resistant to getting into either net.

Eventually, having tried many times to snag the feline, Gaby and Annette succeeded in rescuing Zion.


The cat was immediately returned to her family with a few broken nails from trying to scale the cliff, Armando, who was part of the rigging crew, said.

He added: “Los Angeles is very fortunate to have a team like SMART.

“I hope that the City, especially our Mayor, realizes that the work we do is a necessity not a novelty.

“SMART rescues about 300 animals a year, large or small, domestic or wild, owned or stray, who would otherwise die in a horrific way.

“We encourage the public to support what we do so that we can continue to save animals lives.”