Video Viral

By Sophie Norris

This student was so determined to get into a nightclub he begged for an hour with bouncers – until one snapped and took revenge by convincing him his walkie talkie was a breathalyser.

The ‘persistent’ student reportedly refused to take no for an answer when he was rejected from a nightclub in Bath, Somerset, two weeks ago for appearing too drunk.

After allegedly hanging around outside the venue for 40 minutes, one bouncer named Wesley decided to take advantage of the lad’s eagerness with a series of pranks.

Footage shows the unnamed youth repeatedly blowing into the bouncer’s walkie-talkie believing it to be a breathalyser while Wesley, 34, makes fake beeping noises for three minutes.

When the poor student questions having to do the procedure for the third time and say ‘you’re taking the p***’, the bouncers calmly inform him that they ‘can’t take your p***, we don’t test urine samples’.

After Wesley eventually tells him the ‘device’ says he has failed, the student agrees to go away and do some ‘star jumps and squats’ to sober up and have another go at blowing 20 minutes later.

Wesley, from Bath, Somerset, said: “It was just a whimsical part of the night.

“He was very annoying and wouldn’t go away. He was just being an annoying drunk but not aggressive like some people can be when you tell them no.

“He was drunk and kept coming back repeatedly for 40 minutes trying to explain how sober he was. He was being very annoying.

“It got to the point where I realised he wasn’t going away and thought I’d pretend the walkie-talkie was a breathalyser.

“It was just a bit of a p***take. His friends were in the background laughing and recording it.

“He kept saying ‘how can I prove that I’m sober’ and even offered to give me a urine sample. I said ‘well maybe you should do some star jumps to sober up’ so he was doing that and some squats.”

The gag was broadcast on Facebook Live for Wesley’s other doormen friends to see but the student was unaware he was being filmed.

As instructed, he blew determinedly into the antennae, his cheeks puffed up, as Wesley instructed him to ‘keep blowing’.

After two failed attempts, Wesley even convinced the youth to make a humming sound as he blew.

Wesley said: “He wasn’t aggressive which a lot of people can be when you tell them they’re not allowed in, so I thought I’d have a bit of fun with him.

“It’s one of those things we have to deal with and as doormen we get a bad rep for being aggressive. After 40 minutes I suppose some people could get intolerant but this was just a light-hearted.

“After the video, he hung around for another 10 minutes then came back and was saying ‘I’ll do anything’.

“People of this generation now don’t understand that they can be told no. They believe it’s up to me to justify why I’m not letting them in but nightclubs are actually private property.

“He actually came back in a better state the night after and asked to see the video and apologised for hassling me. It was fun. This guy wasn’t aggressive but very persistent.”