Animals Video

By Laura Dale

This pair of elephants can’t wait for their vacation – as they can be seen walking through a hotel reception.

Walking through the reception area and out into the car park, a pair of elephants boldly walk through the building.

Bushcamp Company / Caters News

Bypassing the odd looks from the hotel workers, these two elephants are making the reception at Mfuwe Lodge very much their home.

This video was captured by Robert Zgozi, a receptionist, in the South Luangwa National Park, Zambia.

A spokesperson for the lodge said: “Two bull elephants had been in our courtyard eating wild mango fruit.

“When they were ready to go, they simply walked through reception and down the front steps and headed to our front car park.

Bushcamp Company / Caters News

“This regularly happens at this time of year, so it’s not unexpected but it’s still always exciting.

“Robert’s first thought when the elephants came in was to ensure the safety of our guests, and then once that was in place, he started filming.

“We are all very careful to stay quiet around the elephants, as not to alarm them. It’s an awe-inducing experience to be this close to these wild animals.”