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By Mollie Mansfield

A doting teacher has filmed her adorable blind pooch adapting to life without her eyes.

Jessica Aliff, 39, adopted pug, Cinderella, last year after seeing an advert for the 11-year-old dog online.

PIC FROM Caters News

She knew that Cinderella was diabetic and despite losing her sight, she still had her eyes.

After deciding to give Cinderella a second chance at life, she soon realised the daily agony her bulging eyes caused.

The teacher decided to have her pooch’s eyes removed and the pair haven’t looked back since.

Now Cinderella is happier than ever, Jessica uses sound, baby gates and carries her in a baby sling to ensure her safety.

Jessica, from Plainville, Connecticut, US, said: “Cinderella has adapted to life without her eyes amazingly well.

“I have to make sure that baby gates are set up by any stairs so that she cannot go up or down without my guidance.

“She takes it a lot slower climbing up the stairs, and sometimes when I call her name she’ll run the wrong way – but she gets there in the end.

PIC FROM Caters News

“I try not to move furniture to prevent her from bumping into things too much.

“I also talk to her quite a bit and make noises to help her find her way – I snap my fingers and clap my hands to help guide her too.

“We have certain commands that she understands, ‘up’ when she needs to take a step up, or ‘down’ when she needs to take a step down. She also knows ‘careful’ when she’s too close to something.”

Jessica first saw the advertisement for Cinderella on an online website.

After worrying about how Cinderella would’ve been treated elsewhere, she decided to adopt her herself – to join her other three pugs at home.

She added: “I have heard horror stories about dogs being given away or sold to be used as bait dogs in fighting rings.

“I couldn’t imagine this happening to a tiny, blind, diabetic dog – I knew I had to have her.

PIC FROM Caters News

“Cinderella went blind from the diabetes, but also had high pressure in her right eye and severely low pressure in her left – so had to have four eye-drops three times a day.

“So I made the decision to have her eyes removed – even though she was already blind, it was still a heart-breaking decision to make.”

Jessica now spends her days, when she is not teaching, looking after Cinderella and her other three pugs.

She said: “Cinderella has a feisty personality and a strong will to live – we call her our fighter.

“Whilst some dogs would give up with her medical needs, she just keeps smiling and tilting her head.

“She was able to map out her new home in less than an hour – she adapted so quickly to such a huge change.

“She loves to be carried around in a baby sling – but loves to show the other dog’s who’s boss too.

PIC FROM Caters News

“For the most part she can do anything, although she doesn’t play fetch, and I can’t leave her outside alone.

“Alongside my four pugs – my boyfriend has also adopted three pugs and we are always together.

“It’s a very funny, snort-filled, hilarious life that we are leading – and I wouldn’t change Cinderella for the world!”