By Mikey Jones

This man is demonstrating how peaceful yoga can be – if he doesn’t look over the edge at least!

Michael Hutton can be seen practising classic yoga poses on a cliff’s edge in the Peak District.

 Mike Hutton / Caters News

The 46-year-old took to the Peak District, Derbyshire, to reach the peak of relaxation – combining the serenity of yoga, with the fresh air of the district.

Michael, a full time photographer and rock climber, said: “Rock climbing and yoga seem to complement each other perfectly.

“Often the summit of the climb is the best spot to practice the yoga – and I wanted to capture this in some atmospheric conditions.

 Mike Hutton / Caters News

“It took me many visits before I experienced a temperature inversion and it was challenging to get the rock dry enough to climb.

“I have rock climbed for 20 years, but it’s only during the last year that I have taken up yoga and meditation.

Mike Hutton / Caters News

“I find as I get older I am more prone to injury – so regular yoga and stretching prevents reoccurring back injuries.”