Video Viral

By Charlotte Regen

This unsuspecting owl was knocked off its perch by a collision with another feathered missile.

While Bob Riach and Jo Bird waited to photograph wildlife near Borne, Lincolnshire, a stunning tawny owl landed on a branch in front of them.

Less than a second after placing its talons down, the bird is completely clattered by another incoming tawny.

Fortunately, the stricken animal quickly recovers and flies off into the night sky leaving Bob and Jo stunned.

Bob and Jo had been commissioned by a firm of solicitors called Pepperells to take pictures of various wildlife on the company’s sign.

Bob said: “I have never seen anything like this before.

“The owl landed and a branch near the Pepperells’ sign so I started the video hoping it would fly over there.

“Then Jo said look there is a second tawny.

“I did not see is as I was concentrating on controlling the camera.

“It all happened so fast I initially thought that Jo was joking.

“Then I checked the video and was amazed at what had happened.”

Pepperells intend to use these photos and video for a future campaign highlighting wildlife and protecting the nature and the environment.