By Luke Johnston

This is a real cheeky monkey – the mischievous youngster was snapped grabbing his friend’s tail for a swing, and nearly pulls him out of a tree in the process.

The two monkeys are having a great time playing in the trees, when one monkey decided to swing on the other one’s tail.

Pic from Arun Ahuja

Arun Ahuja, 44, from Mumbai, India, captured the images whilst on a wildlife safari in Karnataka, India.

Arun said: “These were young Rhesus macaque monkeys having some fun and playing.

“They started out with wrestling on the grass and then went to the trees where they kept chasing each other up and down.

Pic from Arun Ahuja

“As one came down the other took a leap back on to the tree, as it hung on the tree its tail swung like a pendulum in front of the other monkey, which must have looked too irresistible to not grab.

“With no delay the cheeky monkey grabbed on to the others tail and started to swing until its weight was too much to handle, they and both came crashing down to the ground.

Pic from Arun Ahuja

“I love photographing monkeys- they’re a lot of fun as they’re always monkeying around!