By Mikey Jones

This fox gets up close and personal with the camera – as it can be seen sniffing around the photographer’s garden.

Giedrius Stakauskas has been following the movements of this fox, who has been visiting his back garden for the past few years.

PIC BY Giedrius Stakauskas / CATERS NEWS

On this particular visit, the fox can be seen being intrigued by a bed of flowers as it sniffs its way across the bunch.

‘Paw’, as the fox is known to the homeowners, seems unafraid of the photographer and in fact lets the camera get close enough to him to snap these amazing pictures.

Giedrius Stakauskas, 41, said: “A couple of years ago we noticed that foxes started to visit out back garden.

PIC BY Giedrius Stakauskas / CATERS NEWS (

“Paw is a dominant fox, and when we were working in the garden he was always near us – investigating what we were doing or sleeping under the bush.

“It seemed that he really enjoyed our company and that feeling that the animal trusts you is very special.

“They have not done much damage to the plants – just from time to time they used to dig up a couple of bulbs.

PIC BY Giedrius Stakauskas / CATERS NEWS

“On the other hand, we have noticed that they enjoyed a smell from the flowers.”