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By Jasmine Kazlauskas

A snake catcher has released disturbing new footage of the horrific aftermath of a battle to the death between a gigantic bat and an 8ft python.

The fascinating video shows the 2.5metre (8ft2in) carpet snake eventually succumbing to defeat after only being able fit half of its winged opponent’s mangled corpse into its terrifying jaws.

PIC BY Redlands Snake Catcher/ Caters News

Snake catcher Tony Morrison, from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, captured the moment the bat was slowly strangled to death by the monstrous python – who then attempted to make a meal out of its dead body.

But the greedy reptile only managed to bite up to the huge bat’s wings before realising its eyes were bigger than its stomach and dropping the half-eaten animal, which was covered in saliva, to the ground.

And shockingly snake catcher of 20 years Tony, 40, filmed the video at a school in Victoria Point, Redlands, Brisbane, after he was called there early on Monday (Nov 6) morning when staff reported the terrifying sight.

Tony said: “It was pretty unbelievable, so I whipped out my phone and filmed it.

“The snake was hanging by the tips of his tail with the bat in its mouth.

PIC BY Redlands Snake Catcher/ Caters News

“He had tried to eat the bat and had it in his mouth up to where the wings were but couldn’t get past that point.

“So he decided to just let it go and gradually spat the bat out while reversing up the tree.

“The two would have been in a fight earlier that morning but the python managed to wrap itself around the bat and squeeze it to death so that he could slowly start to eat it.”

Carpet pythons can grow up to a whopping four metres in length and have been known to kill humans by wrapping themselves around people and crushing them to death.

After succumbing to defeat and giving up his meal, Tony relocated the snake to nearby bushland.

He added: “It takes a long time for snakes to eat their prey, maybe a good half an hour at the very least, as they go bit by bit.

“We’ve seen the remains of bats before but sometimes they manage to escape, they put up a good fight.

PIC BY Redlands Snake Catcher/ Caters News

“Possums are also a favourite meal of choice for a lot of pythons.

“We’ve even seen half-eaten cats who were devoured by snakes when we’ve been called out to people’s homes.”

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