By Lauren Campbell

These are the shocking images of a tribal spear penetrating a zebra at a National Reserve in Kenya.

The images were taken at The Maasai Mara National Reserve, where Larry Broutman and his tour guide, Peter, spotted a small group of zebra and noticed through their binoculars that one appeared to have an unusual profile.

On closer inspection they were shocked to see that a spear was penetrating the zebra’s body.

PIC BY Larry Broutman/ Caters News

Larry from Chicago, said: “My guide explained how he had never seen anything like this before, we were all speechless.

“It was incredible to see the zebra walking and grazing with the other animals, it was as if nothing was wrong.

“Since we were miles away from our own camp, we decided to go to a near Maasai family village where I showed them the images on my digital camera and they were also shocked.

“We could determine that the spear was typical of a Maasai fashioned spear, but they had no idea who could have done something like this.

PIC BY Larry Broutman/ Caters News

“People have asked why we didn’t seek immediate help or put the zebra out of its misery, but the guides do not carry weapons and there are no vets nearby so all we could do was report it to the park rangers.”

A few months later, Larry returned to Maasai family village to ask about the zebra.

He added: “The chief of the village greeted us and was holding the very spear which had penetrated the zebra.

PIC BY Larry Broutman/ Caters News

“We were told that a few days after we spotted the animal, one of their herders came across its remains including the spear and they saved it for us knowing of our plans to return.”