Offbeat Video

By Harriet Whitehead

Ghost hunters believe they have captured the moment the spirit of a butler opens and closes a wine cellar door in a haunted 16th century hall on command.

Chris Guyers was carrying out an investigation with two guests at Croxteth Hall in Liverpool this week when he asked the spirit to shut the door of the wine cellar.

In the video, the astonished spirit investigators can be heard saying ‘Hello’ after the door appears to open on its own.

Chris then says ‘shut the door for us, we want to be left in peace’ before the door spookily appears to shut on its own.

Footage then shows the door opening again on its own when they ask.

The 31-year-old thinks the spirit could have been a butler or servant serving the Molyneux family who lived at the haunted Hall from the 16th century until the 1970s.

Chris, who is from Skelmersdale, Lancs, said: “We try and do Croxteth Hall every few months.

“It is one of the most iconic buildings in Liverpool and in June we had a full apparition picture in that building in one of the corridors.

“On this occasion we went to the wine cellar which is in the centre of the building. I set up the camera and asked for spirits to connect.

“We asked it to shut the door and then it slams shut. Then it comes back and the door opens after we asked.

“Both times the door opened it was done on request. It is very unusual for that to happen. We all looked at each other and were just astonished.

“We thought ‘no way did that happen’. We were all surprised to see so much activity. It is actually very rare for something like that to happen.

“It was just shock. I know I asked it but I did not expect anything to happen believe it or not.”

Chris, who is an investigator with DeadLive UK, said they have eliminated the possibility it could have been caused by a draft because there are no windows nearby and the cellar is right in the centre of the hall.

Chris said: “You’re waiting for something to happen and then it does and you get shivers up your spine and you’re thinking ‘what is going to happen next?’

“I got the feeling it could have been a servant or a butler coming to the wine cellar and because it responded to commands to get it to leave.

“The Hall was built to serve as a home for the Molyneux family and we think this figure could have been working for the family.”

The IT support worker said the trio also had an EMF hunter – a known ghost hunting tool – which started to make a beeping sound between the door closing and opening again.

Chris said: “I don’t think it came into the room but the device definitely picked the energy up.

“We have been going to Croxteth Hall since 2016 and the last couple of times we have picked things up.

“We seem to have built up the right energy.

“We find that the more you go to a building the more the spirits tend to interact with you. We think they can recognise people.

“We think it could have been a residual energy spirit which tend to stay in one place and because the door opened but it did not interact with us.

“I didn’t feel scared. It’s hard to describe the feeling but it is more a curiosity about what is on the other side.

“There is a theory that around Halloween the so-called veil between the living world and the other world is weaker.

“It also could be to do with the energy of the people in the room. You can get more from the spirits if you are respectful to them.”

The paranormal fan said he has been taking part in ghost hunts for around 10 years and investigations for around seven years.

Chris said: “We travel to haunted places across the UK looking for evidence and working in a small group to try and debunk things.

“The first time I caught them on camera was in 2013 when there were orbs in the background at the Masonic Hall in Liverpool but this is one of my first videos.

“I am planning to go back to Croxteth Hall at the end of November and try to recreate the same scenario.”

The hall was originally built in 1575 and is known as a ghost hunting hot spot. It hit headlines in 2009 when CCTV footage appeared to show a spirit emerge from bushes, move slowly along a path and then disappear.