Life Video

By Ben Walley

Adorable seven year old, Mehmet, burst into tears of joy after discovering that his mum was pregnant.

At first, his mum, Feride Yukselen, hid the picture and when she finally revealed the picture, the little boy couldn’t contain his emotion.

He then goes to feel his mum’s tummy, even giving it a kiss while hugging her.

Feride says she thinks he reacted like that because he’d been asking for a little brother or sister for such a long time.

She said: “Mehmet is really happy because he feels alone sometimes, so he wants a brother or sister.

“All day he was excited and he called all his relatives to tell them the news –he’ll be very good brother.

Mehmet’s baby brother will be due in November and the Leicester family can’t wait.

“I said I will show you something – what you think about that? I showed him the picture and I asked him what’s this?

“When he saw the picture he said ‘you’re pregnant!’ and then he started crying.

“He asked me – is the baby In your tummy? Has it been kicking? And then he wanted to tell the whole family  – which is what he did for the rest of the day!”