By Taniya Dutta

Doctors in India have removed 600 iron nails from the stomach of a man who had a habit of swallowing strange things.

Pradip Kumar Dhali, 48, a schizophrenic patient had a habit of eating random things.


Two months ago, he started complaining of acute pain in abdomen. His family consulted local doctors and took him for a ultrasound test that revealed a pile of 600 iron nails lying in his stomach.

Pradip was admitted at Calcutta Medical College and Hospital on Friday where two days after observation, doctors used a magnet to bring the iron nails out of his stomach one by one.

Luckily, none of the sharp nails pierced or injured his stomach in spite of being there for days.


Dr Siddhartha Biswas, who headed the medical team said: “I am a guest doctor at the local clinic in Dhali’s village.

“Last month his family had brought the ultrasound report to us. I was shocked to find nails in his abdomen.

“We decided to operate on him. It was risky as his stomach had become abnormally big and was completely filled with nails. But luckily it did not pierce the stomach.

“We partially cut his stomach and used a magnet to bring out the nails one by one. There were more than 600 nails inside. It was made sure that all the nails he swallowed, were taken out,” he added.


Pradip’s family had known of his bizarre binging habits but was shocked to know he had swallowed huge number of iron nails.

Dr Biswas said: “The family was asked by Pradip’s psychiatrist to not disturb him so they did not bother much what he was binging on. They had no clue from where he could arrange nails.”