By Bilal Kuchay

In a shocking incident, a young boy and his family members were publicly slapped with shoes and beaten up by villagers in India for having a romantic relationship with a girl, on the orders of a “Kangaroo court”.

Shravan Kumar, 22, who hails from a small village, Islamabad, in Bijnor in northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, was in a romantic relationship with a neighbour’s daughter and wanted to marry her.

However, after the villagers discovered the love affair between the couple, a diktat was issued by the village councillors or Panchayat – commonly known for exhibiting primitive mindset and orders severe punishments – ordering their public thrashing and shaming.

Deplorable visuals shows Kumar, his father and young brother garlanded with shoes and paraded through the village.

The villagers can be seen hurling abuses and mercilessly beating them with slippers and sticks.

Shockingly, their ordeal lasted for almost three hours.

An eyewitness said: “For three hours, they were publicly humiliated and nobody stopped the mob.”

Before the end of the video clip, villagers can be seen tying both the brothers to a tree by rope.

Mahesh Kumar. senior police officer who is handling the case, said: “During the preliminary investigation, it was found that Kumar’s elder son had eloped with another girl from the same family some time back.

“The girl’s family had got very angry after they discovered that Kumar was and their younger daughter are having a love affair.

“They didn’t want Kumar to repeat what his brother did.”

At least seven people from the girl’s family have been arrested in this incident after a case was filed against them.

“We are investigating the case and will take action as per law against the people who were involved into the incident.

“So far we have arrested seven people in the case,” Kumar added.