Animals Video

By David Aspinall

This adorable chick proved there wasn’t room for a little one when she cannon balled into a handful of tiny birds forcing them out.

After Viska Svalstrom brought four new yellow baby chickens to their home in Orange County, California, USA, she introduced them to their black feathered siblings.

Having given them all their dinner, seven of the furballs began to fall asleep in her husband’s hands with just one – called Inky – going to explore.

Pic from Caters News

Realising there is more warmth with the pecking pack, the three-week-old dives straight into the middle of the group, forcing two of the of them to fall off his palms.

Viska said: ““As soon as I saw Inky looking at the pile of sleeping chicks, I knew she would do something silly.

“Our black chicks are called Inky, Pepper, Nova, Smidge, while Siggy, Sprout, Brulee and Storm are the yellow ones.

“We had just picked up the four yellow ones as they were in need of a home.

“We had introduced them together on the floor and let them do a meet and greet, and play.

“After feeding them all some tasty meal worms, they soon got sleepy and decided to pile into my husband’s hands, since that was the warmest place to be.”