By Mike Jones

This lion father is not impressed when his little cub sneaks up behind him and bites his bottom.

The cub can be seen carefully creeping up behind his father, unbeknown to his father.

When he decides the time is right, the cub runs and pounces onto his father – and takes a large bite on his behind!


However, as soon as his father figures out, he isn’t very happy – seeming to roar straight back at his son, telling him off.

These photos were taken by Anja Gröbel at The Masai Mara in Kenya.

Anj, 53, said: “It was our last day game-driving in The Mara and we hadn’t seen Scarface the lion yet.

“Not knowing that Scar was around, we watched the cubs and lioness moving towards us.

“The pride was very relaxed after their delightful meal and the cubs were very playful.

“All of a sudden, Scar came out of the bushes and walked away from us


“We followed him and there we saw his pride with some cubs. As you can see the cubs wanted to play with him and wanted his attention, but he didn’t feel like it and growled as he got annoyed and walked away.

“None of the adult lionesses were in the mood to play with the cubs because their bellies were more than full.

“One disappointed cub then spotted Scar, who had left his resting place, looking for a better one.

“To attract his attention he ran after Scar and jumped at his hind – nibbling his tail and hind in order to provoke him.

“Scar clearly got annoyed and ac ouple of fatherly growls were addressed to the cub.

“It was great to see him doing so well and taking care of new little Scars!”