Video Viral

By Charles Creasey  

A ghost hunter has caught on camera the moment an ‘actor’s script’ moved across a haunted stage as if being carried by an invisible hand in an old theatre where 25 people died.

Tim Matthews and the South Yorkshire Ghost Hunters visited the Old Nick Theatre in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, last month where he filmed their investigation.

But the Sheffield-based petrol station worker was left with ‘goosebumps’ when he reviewed the night’s footage and spotted a mysterious piece of paper eerily moving across the room.

When the 36-year-old dad put the video online, he claims nobody could explain what the object was, or how it was moving, and now wants to show the world his ‘evidence’ of spirits haunting the theatre auditorium.

The video shows members of the public taking part in the hunt with the team, seemingly blissfully unaware of the object apparently whizzing past them from stage right.

Earlier that night, Tim claims to have caught a picture of a ‘ghost’ coming out of one of the dressing rooms, which he speculated could have been a former actress at the venue.

Tim said: “That thing gave me goosebumps and I’m amazed we caught something.

“I definitely think it’s paranormal, even though I didn’t even see it at the time.

“I was a bit scared if I’m honest because I’m not sure what it was – perhaps an old theatre script?”

Tim admits that it was only when he shared it online that somebody spotted the travelling presence and pointed it out to him.

Tim said: “I put the photo on the group we have on social media and somebody just mentioned it to me and when I looked back at first I wasn’t sure what it was.

“Nobody in the group had any idea what it was but it came from the side with the digital video recorder (DVR) box on the left-hand side [stage right].

“That whole film was shot on infra-red lighting and when I looked back over the footage I suppose it looked like a piece of paper to me.

“It could have been an old theatre script but I’m just guessing.

“The thing is that if somebody had chucked it, it would have looked completely different on film but you can tell from the footage it’s going in a straight line and wasn’t ‘thrown’ by anyone.

“It’s creepy because, since I only saw it by reviewing the footage after, we didn’t see the object with our own eyes on the night- and we probably never will.

“I think I was more curious than anything. I just think it’s exciting to have captured the paranormal on camera.”

Tim said when he shared the footage with his fellow ghost hunters, they couldn’t understand what it was either.

He said: “I think they were just the same as me. They were saying they’d found evidence on camera of the paranormal. They can’t say what it is though.

“Admittedly I didn’t come up with any conclusions and it’s still a mystery to us now what it actually is – I think you can only put it down to the paranormal.”

Tim says he also spotted a ghostly presence coming out of one of the old dressing rooms that night and one of his ghost hunting pals managed to get a snap.

Tim said: “At the beginning of the night just after I was filming part of the evening there was something coming up behind a woman from one of the dressing rooms I think.

“The woman was the last person in that particular room in the theatre and nobody else went in – so it must have been a ghost.

“I’m not sure whether that ghostly looking figure was an actress or not but it was certainly scary.”

The Old Nick Theatre in Gainsborough holds paranormal nights that are open to ghost investigators and the general public.

Tim said: “It used to be a police station, that’s why it’s called the Old Nick – it’s now a theatre and a museum that holds ‘ghost nights’.

“I wasn’t filming all the night, I was just filming at random times but there have been other accounts of hauntings at the theatre.

“Some of the staff have said they’ve seen apparitions and heard about other ghostly goings on.

“Some of them have said they have locked up and certain locks have ‘unlocked’ themselves with no one there to unlock them.

“I suppose with its past as a police station, it could have been haunted by an old police officer unlocking the doors when it was a ‘nick’.

“Admittedly with hauntings a lot of it is guess work but it’s very exciting.

“That night we were doing the tippy tables and we even did a ‘human pendulum’ where people test for spirits and rock backwards and forwards – that night we had people who felt something rocking them.

“It’s just got to be the paranormal.”