Animals Video

By Lauren Fruen 

This is the hilarious moment one plucky dog tries his best to play fetch – but fails every time.

Unlucky Bentley repeatedly goes for the tennis ball and is encouraged by his hopeful owner.

Pic by Phoebe Mason/Caters News

But each time the golden retriever has chance to pick it up with his mouth he fails spectacularly.

At times the two-year-old – who is enjoying a swim in Leybourne Lakes, Kent – seems confused as to aim of game at all.

Bentley lives with his owner Phoebe Mason in nearby Gillingham, Kent.

In the clip she can be heard encouraging her pet to get the ball each time he comes close.

But poor Bentley either quickly drops the ball or swims away distracted by another part of the lake.

Pic by Phoebe Mason/Caters News

He eventually bounds out of the water, shaking himself dry – but without the ball.

Teacher Phoebe, 28, said: “Bentley is our family dog. We have had him since he was a pup.

“He is a crazy dog with the kindest heart. Bentley loves water more than life itself and will do his best to never leave.

“If he is unable to find water, he has been known to swim in muddy puddles instead.

“Bentley is a golden retriever who we just call golden because he has the inability to retrieve anything!

Pic by Phoebe Mason/Caters News

“I have tried many times to teach him to fetch but we are going wrong somewhere.

“It’s a continued struggle. Many tennis balls have been lost since Bentleys arrival.”