Offbeat Video

By Charles Creasey 

This is the moment stunned shoppers shouted in disbelief as a group of young daredevils scaled the glass dome of a bustling shopping centre – as one admits the precarious roof is ‘slippy’.


Onlookers can be heard shouting ‘what the f***’ as four young parkour athletes scaled Trinity Leeds shopping centre’s glass done, which towers over the city at a staggering 100ft high.

Adam Marr and his pals filmed themselves climb the 40,000-square foot dome – sometimes treading carefully across the support beams for safety while other times brazenly walking across the glass as shoppers appeared tiny below.

The climb, complete in September, was so precarious that another friend who originally hoped to climb the building gave up and 24-year-old Adam can be heard admitting ‘it’s slippy this you know’ to gobsmacked onlookers.

The video shows the incredible panorama of ‘The Knightsbridge of the North’, before the lads are promptly escorted off the premises by police when they are finally caught.

Adam said: “It was exciting, spontaneous, I suppose you could say exhilarating.


“I’m used to being up high so some of it is not a problem for me. I suppose you could say whilst it’s exhilarating it’s perhaps more of an everyday occurrence being up high for me because it’s what I do.

“It was exhilarating but it looked scarier than it actually was.

“It looked like we were walking on the glass but actually be were walking on the support frame.

“It’s a strange feeling looking down to see everyone beneath you looking up at somewhere most people don’t get to go.

“I knew the glass wasn’t going to break because there are people who go up there to clean it.

“There was a point where my mate Ally was worried about the police but I reckoned they couldn’t see us. It’s good because if they had, it would have been over before it had even started.

“We just knew how to do it because we’d done it before. We did it this time so we could film it.

“We did the climb two years ago so we wanted to do it as a sort of ‘anniversary.'”

Adam and his mates have previously climbed the Glasgow Tower and made headlines when they scaled the Etihad Stadium earlier this year.


He said: “It was a case of ‘when in Leeds’.

“It was quite an interesting climb because at one point we got squashed between the walls of a building on the way up.

“I have to admit it wasn’t a walk in the park. We had to climb across fences and drain pipes and it would have been very difficult for a ‘normal’ person.

“You can’t say it’s a once in a lifetime experience because I’ve done it two times, but you certainly can say it’s an exhilarating experience.

“It was just a spontaneous thing and it was really exciting.”

Adam says controlling fear for him is all part of the fun.

He said: “For me I can just control fear. I can just control it because I just keep telling myself that it’s okay.

“What I always tell people is it’s like climbing a ladder. If you can climb up a few steps then you can climb one hundred and if you can climb up a hundred steps then you can climb up a thousand.

“It gets to the point that it it’s like walking down a corridor for me. It’s still exciting though.”

West Yorkshire Police were contacted for comment but had no record of the incident.