Nature Video

By Luke Kenton

This is the incredible moment the stunning and extremely rare red sprite phenomenon is captured on film several times above the Oklahoma sky.

During a fierce lightning storm in Edmond, Oklahoma, on October 6th, videographer Paul Smith headed outdoors with his camera to capture some of the lightening forks on film 0 but instead he managed to capture something far more remarkable.


Sprawled out in the sky intermittently appears a spectacular series of bright red, jellyfish-shaped clusters of light, an extraordinary weather occurrence known as a ‘red sprite’.

The mysterious electrical bursts occur over highly active thunderstorms around 80 kilometers above Earth, and are rarely observed from land or space, due to their high altitudes and millisecond durations.

The stunning sight is captured not only one, but a staggering six times by Paul, who was left ‘stunned’ by the magnificent encounter.

Paul said: “I’ve always been interested in unusual weather and uncommon natural phenomenon.

“I’ve been capturing northern lights images for a few years as well as lightning and storm clouds, but never anything as rare as this.


“After seeing some clips of red sprites on YouTube, I’d been wanting to witness one first hand, and finally the opportunity arose.

“It feels very special to be one of the few people to witness and document this incredible occurrence.

“I’m blessed to have a wife and family who are very accommodating in allowing me to be gone so much, to chase these and experience opportunities when they come my way.

“I hope I can start some kind of a collaboration with a scientific body so that the sprite generating storm can be locally studied.

“They’re so elusive and relatively new to science that any information that we can attain from their generation would be highly beneficial to their