Video Viral

By Michael Scott

This floating tent allows you to camp on water!

To use it you simply inflate it and send it out into the water of your favourite pond, lake or river.

The tent is made up of a regular tent on top of an inflatable raft – meaning your camping options are increased no end.

There are no tent poles, just an inflatable structure and the six inch bottom of the tent doubles as an inflatable mattress. The tents lack of poles means that it can pack down further to make it more portable.

Pic by Ethan Smith/Caters News

But if you do fancy experiencing the ultimate water bed, you will have to wait a while. While manufacturers SmithFly are taking orders, there is an expected delivery date of January 2018.

You’ll also be able try it through Airbnb as the creators of the Shoal tent, have partnered with their local canoe livery, Adventures on the Great Miami.

It’s not just a novelty – there’s even interest in using them as emergency shelter during extreme flooding.

70% of the earth is covered in water, so why not sleep on it!