Life Video

By Bilal Kuchay

This is the heart-wrenching moment at least 18 cars and eight motorbikes callously drive past a dying woman after she was run over by a hydraulic crane.

The shocking incident, that took place on Sunday evening at Utsav Chowk in Kharghar in the Indian city of Mumbai, was captured on surveillance cameras installed on lamppost.

The excruciating video shows Shilpa Puri, 34, riding a scooter wearing a white helmet  – but suddenly her scooter skids, and a crane coming from behind runs over her head. The driver callously gives her a look but does not bother to stop for her help.


More appallingly, three men on a bike who were just behind Shilpa come to a halt after the accident but after a look, they run away without extending any help.

For 10 minutes Shilpa lay on the same spot as at least 18 cars, eight bikers and five cars run past, dodging her body, before the police came in and took her body to hospital.

The crane driver has been detained but police is looking into all formalities before his arrest.

Dilip Kale, senior police officer at Kharghar Police Station said: “She had died on the spot. We have detained the crane driver after examining the CCTV footage. After formalities, a case will be registered.”


The horrific incident and inhumane behaviour of other commuters have left the locals shocked who also blamed the incomplete renovation work of the road for Shilpa’s death.

The accident happened at a stretch where a patch of the concrete road was recently renovated but was left undone in order to insert a service cable for the ongoing metro construction not far from the area.

Amit Mehra, a local resident, said: “The concrete road is around two to three inches above the ground level and that’s where her two-wheeler slipped.

“If the part of the road was left undone for any reason, there should have been at least a tape put around it as a precautionary measure.


“It is very unfortunate that the tape was put around the spot and the gap between the concrete road and the ground was filled in with mud after the accident.”

Puri left behind her husband, a caterer by profession, and two children.