Offbeat Video

By Charles Creasey 

This is the moment a cheeky duo of KFC lovers pulled into the fast food drive-thru and asked for a discount for a boneless bucket – if the provided their own LIVE CHICKEN.

Max Clayton and pal Steven Barnes visited the Plymouth branch of KFC on Sunday along with one of Max’s chickens named Mr Flinder in a small wire cage.


 Hilarious footage shows the 22-year-old order an eight-piece boneless bucket and then with a straight face ask if it was possible to get a discount if he provided the chicken.

When the poor employee is left stunned with disbelief, Max goes on to explain that he does not know how fresh their chicken is but that his is the ‘freshest chicken in Plymouth’.

Unbelievably, the prankster then tries to hand the server the chicken and cage through the window, prompting the KFC staff member to close the windows in horror while saying it was ‘not the right chicken’.

Max Clayton, from Plymouth, said: “I think the guy was quite shocked really.

“I’m surprised he managed to keep his cool. But he definitely looked shocked.

“If I’m honest I don’t think he knew quite what to think really.

“When I approached the KFC I was quite calm really, you have to be when you’re doing this sort of thing.

“Obviously I didn’t laugh and kept my nerve. 

“I was asking for the meal, ordering the drinks, and then I just went for it and asked for the discount.


“I was a bit let down when he said we can’t do it this time. I think he said something like ‘we can’t on this occasion’ so I was thinking, hang on, have they actually done this before?

“It was a shame we couldn’t speak with the manger but after all there was a queue forming behind us so we couldn’t really.”

Steven said: “I think if I’m being honest the server and the manager were both confused.

“It’s quite unusual, isn’t it? Asking for a live chicken to be cooked is interesting isn’t it?

“I can never quite believe that Max has got the balls to actually do it – but he does each time.

“The point is that Max just does the whole thing as if it’s perfectly normal.

“He said he wanted to speak with a manager. After he found out he couldn’t do it I think he was quite disappointed.

“I’ve even shown the video to my nan it’s so funny. She found it quite amusing.

“Though I would definitely say that it was one of those moments where you really had to be there.

“I will say the server was trying to be as professional as possible but it was just so funny. The look on his face was priceless.” 


After the video the lads tucked into their eight-piece meal – but with Mr Flinder very much alive. 

Steven said: “Max keep many animals and he keeps a chicken.

“He’s called Mr Flinder but he’s a woman, so I suppose he’s what you’d call a gender-fluid chicken.

“I mean, how can you assume its gender in this politically correct world?

“Max is what you might call an eccentric. Some people say unusual but I prefer eccentric.” 

Max has previously performed other barmy stunts, including allegedly jumping into the Plymouth sea on a night out, and setting up his PS4 in McDonald’s so he could play on their wifi.

KFC were contacted for comment but declined.