Animals Offbeat

By Chris Adams

A photographer made an eyebrow-raising discovery after he spotted a bird with a quirky pose – the same as that made famous by wrestling superstar THE ROCK.

Shishir Kumar Jain chanced upon a brown fish owl in India that appeared to mimic the wrestler’s signature People’s Eyebrow trick.

The Rock – real name Dwayne Johnson – made the pose famous in the late 1990s as one of the biggest names in World Wrestling Entertainment.

And this owl appears to have the look – which involves raising one eyebrow while lowering the other, tilting the head, and staring into the eyes of an opponent – down to a fine art.


Delighted wrestling fan Shishir, 41, said: “I am definite fan of The Rock. I miss him a lot since he moved to Hollywood and became more of an actor.

“I watch a lot of American wrestling in my spare time so I’ve seen ‘The Brahma Bull’ performing his signature People’s Elbow and Rock Bottom moves umpteen number of times.

“It’s a picture of brown fish owl l taken at Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra, India.

“We were on our evening game drive when we saw this brown fish owl sitting on a tree branch.


“The tree foliage above it was very thick, hence very little light was available. As soon as I spotted the owl, it started having eye contact and as I was clicking pictures, it started to lift its eyebrow and I got this amazing shot.

“The owl had this mean look as if it was threatening me.”

The married dad-of-one, who has an 11-year-old daughter, trained as a computer engineer but now runs his own pathology lab and takes pictures in his spare time.

Shishir said: “Whenever I shared this image with my friends, they were all very amused by the look.


“They think it looks like a character called Pradyuman from a popular Indian detective series called C.I.D. running on the Sony channel.

“In the show, the main character is a detective who is known for giving a high brow look all the time.

“But to me it looks like the People’s Owl. Maybe The Rock will have a new catchphrase: ‘If ya smell what the owl is cooking’?