Animals Video

By Luke Kenton

These adorable tiny turtle tots scuttled their way down the beach for the very first time as they begin their new lives out in the deep blue sea.

Released from a sizeable bucket on the shoreline of the Whitehouse Sandals resort, on the south-coast of Jamaica, the 149 hawksbill sea turtles clambered their way to roam freely in the sea, after hatching on Christmas morning.

Disorientated and stacked on-top of one another, the shelled creatures bundle over one another in all different directions as they attempt to navigate themselves seawards.

Eventually, the tiny turtles are swept away in the embrace of their first waves, thus beginning their new lives as they make their way to a nearby reef, where they will stay until they have sufficiently grown.

Susan Wallace, who witnessed the release during a holiday at the resort, said: “The turtles were so cute and adorable.

“There we so many of them, we had to be careful not to walk around too much otherwise we could’ve stepped on them.

“It was such a lovely thing to watch happen.

“I hope they all made it to the reef safely.”