Offbeat Video

By Nelson Groom

Everyone has heard of snakes on a plane, but this family was stunned to find a huge carpet python had slithered aboard their boat.

Stewie Lalor, 26, from Snake Catcher Brisbane, Logan & Redlands had his work cut out wrangling the 1.8 metre serpent from the bow of the vessel.

The homeowners, from Brisbane’s Redlands, were concerned because the uninvited guest was just metres away from their newborn ducklings.

Stewie Taylor / Caters News

Stewie was kept busy evicting the unexpected passenger– before it made a lunge at him while he was unwrapping it from the boat’s GPS device.

Stewie, who has been snake catching for eight years said: “It was hanging around the property for a few days before it got into the boat.

“The family were a bit unnerved, because they have new born ducklings nearby, and they were due to get the boat serviced.

“They were still relatively calm, but you can imagine if they found him out on the water, it would have been a different story.

Stewie Taylor / Caters News

“It was a bit tricky, because they can be very stubborn and muscular. I didn’t want to damage the GPS, and he even tried to give me a warning bite.

Carpet pythons are one of Australia’s largest species of snake and can grow up to 3.5-metres long.

Though they are non-venomous, the snakes can dish out a painful bite and have been known to make a meal out of cats and dogs.

A mix hotter temperatures, humidity and high pollen levels have sent serpents on the move – with many making themselves at home in unusual spots.