Animals Video

By Mike Jones 

This warthog finds a great place to scratch as a ranger captures this hilarious video.

The warthhog scratches his rear on the patio of the Shamwari Game Reserve ranger, James Craig Moodie, who was enjoying his morning coffee when he noticed the animal on September 21.

James, 32, said: “I was having a cup of coffee waiting for the storm and a large adult warthog came to my front porch to investigate what I was doing.

“It got within two meters of me before realising she had a big itch on her rear end and there was a perfectly positioned step to alleviate it with.

“Completely ignoring my presence she turned around and started to reverse onto the step, thus satisfying the irritation while I filmed it all.

After scratching the itch the warthog sniffs around, undeterred by the presence of the ranger.

James said: “I’ve seen them do it before but usually it happens on a fallen log or termite mound, sometimes even on siblings or parents.”