By Jamie Smith

 These incredible photos of an icy optical illusion will blow your mind.

Under what looks like a dark starry sky, it appears a giant has stepped onto the icy lake – but it’s a trick of the light, created by diver Michal Sevecek and his pals.

They’d gone to lake Nove Kosariska near Michal’s home in Bratislava, Slovakia, to get some pictures of the crystal clear water.

Pic by Michal Sevecek/Caters News 

But the freezing conditions had caused the shallow lake to glaze over – so Michal decided to snap a clever optical illusion.

As his pal Filip Kriz dived into the icy water he turned upside down and pressed his feet to the ice – and another friend, Juraj Polacek, stood on top of the lake, standing toe-to-toe with him.

Using the sunlight Michal was able to create a giant silhouette from his two friends from under the water, and he later added in a dark night sky to give the picture an ominous effect.

Pic by Michal Sevecek/Caters News 

He said: “We were taking some photos of the lake, but the conditions weren’t idea.

“Suddenly I had an idea – I showed Filip a a hole in the ice, and told him to swim under and rotate 180 degrees.

“Once he was under, Juraj stood right on top of him.

“The ice was cracking, but it was strong enough.

Pic by Michal Sevecek/Caters News – A diagram shows how Michal Sevecek acheived the effect of the shot. 

“It took some time to get the perfect composition with the sun and the shadows, but luckily I managed it.

Pic by Michal Sevecek/Caters News

“The only light source was the sun – the effect came from the special conditions of the light hitting the ice and the picture being taken underwater.

“I was so pleased to see the pictures had come out perfectly – it was lots of fun, and the final result was awesome.