Animals Video

By Bilal Kuchay

A buffalo has given birth to a two-headed calf in a farm in Pakistan.

The calf – yet to be named – was born on September 27 at Lucky Foods Dairy Farm in Karachi, Pakistan.


Although the calf has one body, but he has two heads with a total of four eyes, two mouths, two noses and four ears as the result of a rare condition called ‘polycephaly’.

“A two-headed calf! I didn’t believe when the farm manager gave me the news on phone.

“I rushed to the farm to see the calf. It is a miracle.

“Upon touching the calf, I was surprised to see that his one head was cold and the other was a bit hot,” said CEO of the Lucky Foods Dairy, Salman Mamnoon Hussain.

The calf is too weak to lift his heavy heads so is unable to suckle from his mother and is being fed by bottle.


He said they didn’t believe the calf would survive even for a day but the bizarre animal has defied the odds to survive for a week.

“The farm vets are taking care of the calf. We thought he would not survive for a day but he has survived over 100 hrs.

“I would like to see him live, and see him get up and walk and function,” he said.

The phenomenon of being born with more than one head is called polycephaly, and is believed to occur when an embryo begins to split into twins but stops so that the twins remain attached.

Each head of a polycephalic animal has its own brain, and they share control of the organs and limbs, though the specific structure of the connections varies between each case.

Animals with the condition rarely live beyond a few months.