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By Jack Williams

This daredevil couple literally tied the knot – and many others – on their big day, rigging up a series of slacklines to be wed 400 FEET above a daunting canyon.

The heart racing footage of Mickey and Purple Wilson’s wedding shows the pair delicately making their way to across the static ropes before meeting on a net star in the middle.

Both professional slackliners, Mickey, 29, and Purple, 35, wanted to incorporate the sport into their big day, planning and setting up the whole event themselves.

The ceremony took place on August 26, 2017, at the Fruit Bowl Highline Area, near Moab, Utah, USA.

Pic from Mickey Wilson / Caters

Mickey, from Morrison, Colorado, said: “It was the happiest day of my life.

“We had a hundred of our friends and family there and everything went perfectly.

“We had been dreaming and working and changing plans since January, so once I was out on the net and saw Purple walking towards me on that slackline that we had made and rigged together, I knew this was exactly the right direction my life was supposed to be heading.”

Pic from Mickey Wilson / Caters

Given the uniqueness of their event, friends and family have bestowed huge praise on the couple, with many claiming it as the best wedding they have ever seen.

Having set up highlines between towers in the likes of Las Vegas, Dubai and New York, Mickey was well prepared for the occasion.

Special precautions, however, still needed to be taken: Purple wore a climbing harness under her dress along with a safety tether while she walked the slackline; Mickey, not wanting a harness outside his stylish suit, opted for a rope to be tied from the slackline to his ankle.


Pic from Mickey Wilson / Caters

As well as making sure the rigging was safe, hydration and protection from heat exhaustion were the other main concerns on the day, Mickey said.

Despite all the obstacles – the heat, the hike, lack of amenities – there were no complaints from the 100 or so guests in attendance, the couple said.

Purple said: “Being suspended in a canyon 400 feet high, you find yourself in an altered state of mind, in a space that is undoubtedly sacred.

Pic from Mickey Wilson / Caters

“This is why we chose to take our vows here, in a net that took us hundreds of hours to plan, weave, and rig.

“Additionally we strung 100 white feathers from the net, attached with gold thread.

“This was our finishing touch to the net, an homage to the creatures of flight that have entered this space before us, a nod to every guest coming from afar to witness this great event in our life together, and a beautification of the space in recognition of the significance of this day.”