Offbeat Video

By Kim Reader

A mum-of-one has captured this nightmarish video of a pair of two-meter male pythons coiled around each other in battle after they fell through the skylight into her SHOWER.

The terrifying footage shows two huge snakes twisting and turning with their tails completely tangled together as they fight for dominance on the tiled bathroom floor.

Petrina Murphy / Caters News

Instead of panicking at the spine-tingling sight, 41-year-old Petrina Murphy, who works in PR, casually filmed and photographed the hellish scene before calmly sweeping the snakes out of her home with a broom.

Petrina from Byfield, Queensland, said: “I saw them tangled around each other through the skylight so I got the broom and used the handle to get them to fall out into the shower.

“They had really wrapped themselves around each other and their tails were all knotted up. Some people who’ve seen the video have asked if they’re mating but they’re definitely two males fighting.

“Even though they were fighting, I knew they weren’t going to attack me. They were more focused on each other and pythons are actually usually pretty docile unless you annoy them.

“After they fell through, I closed all the doors so they were just sliding around in the bathroom and then I used the broom to sweep them outside.

“They didn’t seem that bothered when I was sweeping them out. One took off pretty quickly but the other one kept trying to head in the direction of the bins so I was talking to it. I must sound mad.

“I know a lot of people would have made a run for it just at the sight of them.

Petrina Murphy / Caters News

“For people with a phobia it would be like something out of a nightmare but I’ve never been particularly scared of snakes and we’re pretty used to them out here.

“I would much rather get rid of them myself and know they’re gone than have to deal with worrying about them finding their own way into the house.

“Waking up with one wrapped around my arm or them deciding to join Callum and I when we’re watching TV, now that would be a shock.

“I’m just glad the shower was clean so I was able to get some photos and video without it being embarrassing.”

The snakes have been slithering around on Petrina’s roof throughout Australia’s winter months with the mum and her son Callum Murphy, 16, regularly hearing their 15kg bodies ‘thumping’ over the rafters.

Not only has the mum spent four months worrying the pythons might suddenly decide to join her in front of the TV one night but having to deal with their urine dripping through the ceiling.

Instead Petrina’s scaly lodgers decided to make their appearance while Callum was in the bathroom.

After hearing an unusual sound, Callum called out to his mum who came to investigate and discovered the snakes coiled around each other and sliding around on her skylight.

After prodding it with a broom handle, the pane covering the skylight fell out and the wriggling reptiles dropped into the shower.

While most people would have run a mile, Petrina said she was much happier to shoo the feisty serpents out of her home than spend another night worrying she might wake up to one in her bed.

Petrina Murphy / Caters News

The brave mum picked up a broom and swept the reptiles out into the garden only getting frustrated when one of the pesky pythons kept trying to settle near her bins – so she called it a ‘prick’.

Petrina said: “We’ve known there was a snake living on the roof for about four months. We’ve heard it sliding around up there and thumping over the rafters.

“Seeing two was a bit of a surprise but we live near a national park so snakes are something you get used to.

“The most annoying thing about having them up there was when they peed. Something would drip through the ceiling and you’d think it was water. Realising it was snake pee made me cranky.

“We haven’t had any rain here for about three months so the snakes come looking for where we keep our water. They just want a drink.

“A lot of people would have seen them and just had to get in their car and drive away but I’m alright with snakes and spiders – even the huge ones. It’s ticks that freak me out.

“If I find a tick on me I’m terrified but if a snake’s in my bathroom that’s no problem.”