By Mollie Mansfield

Two parents have epically failed at recreating an iconic caterpillar cake for their daughter’s 30th birthday.

When Samantha Bottell was approaching the big 3-0, her parents took to the shops to hunt down a caterpillar cake for her – after buying one for her every year.

PIC FROM Caters New

Her parents, Marie, 52, and Steven Sephton, 49, from St Helens, Merseyside, were gutted when all their local supermarkets sold out of the critter cakes – but as to not disappoint their daughter on her special day, they decided to get the supplies themselves and make their own version.

In an attempt to recreate their daughter’s favourite celebration cake, the parents spent hours in the kitchen – only for it to turn out looking like the most sinister caterpillar cake any birthday has ever seen.

The couple’s other daughter, Bethany, 25, was so amused by their Bake Off fail that she shared the image on Twitter.

She said: “It’s a very sinister caterpillar, those teeth are nightmarish.

“My friends described it as something that looks like it would eat someone’s soul.

“When I first saw it I cried laughing and it still makes me laugh looking back on photos to this date.


PIC FROM Caters News

“When I realised we had to go and hand it over to the staff at the restaurant we were eating it, I couldn’t wait to see their faces – it was priceless.

“My sister loved the cake, she thought it was hilarious and insists it’s the best cake she’s had because of how horrific it looks.”

Bethany added: “The idea came because my sister always loved having a caterpillar cake for her birthday when she was little.

“However when her 30th birthday rolled around everywhere had completely sold out of them.

“My mum thought she could make her own cake and if it turned out a little bad then at least it would be funny – but I don’t thinks he realised just how wrong it would go.

“It took them so much longer to make than it should have – a couple of hours trying to add more to it and just making it worse as time went on.

PIC FROM Caters News 

“But despite that, surprisingly it tasted really good – probably better than the real deal.

“It was a very nice chocolate roll cake, if you could ignore what it looked like, and all the sweets they used to make up the legs and face went really well with it.

“Now my mum’s been mentioning that she wanted to try again and make a cake the shape of a giraffe. I can’t imagine that one is going to go any better though!”