Offbeat Video

By David Aspinall

This meat-loving moggy makes sounds like a possessed animal when pepperoni is put near it.

Curled up in his owner Angelo Dalessandro’s arms, a previously placid Pippin suddenly bursts into life growling as the cured meat approaches.

Growling insanely, the five-year-old cat transforms almost transforms into a carnivorous assassin clawing at Angelo’s hands.

After pulling the savoury snack away from his pet, Pippin then pounces forward to get another taste, dragging Angelo’s fingers towards his mouth again.

Angelo, from Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA, said: “Pippin is a really greedy kitten.

“He will go for foods like chicken nuggets, French fries and especially pepperoni.

“No matter how much he gets fed, he will eat and eat.

“He will carry on until he gets the food, he is very adamant about it.

“As soon as the food is gone he snaps back into the little angel that he is, but it’s funny to see him growl.

“His little claws can hurt as you can hear in the video but nothing serious, just little claws.

“Anytime we come home with food he comes up and steals a piece.

“We can hear him growling by himself across the house, it’s hilarious.