Video Viral

By Ben Walley

This is the moment two drivers clash in the middle of a busy road after one of the drivers crosses into the wrong lane.

The driver of the white Vauxhall Corsa car swerves into the wrong lane, almost hitting the car in front before both drivers stop and exit their cars, pushing each other in the middle of three lanes of traffic.

The incident was caught on camera by Peter Woodmore, from Chatham, Kent, on April 29, and took place on the M25 near Dartford, Kent.

He said: “The white car was at fault for using the wrong lane.

“Unfortunately I couldn’t hear anything, the person in the white t-shirt was the most aggressive as you can see there is lots of pushing.

“The younger lad backed down after realising he would lose in a fight or after being told he was in the wrong.

“The situation wasn’t properly dealt with, just with lots of shouting and aggressiveness that didn’t get anywhere.”

Eventually, both drivers get back into their cars and carry on driving.

“They both carried on, along the A2, trying to get in front of one another until the Corsa decided he didn’t want to play games anymore.”