By Jamie Smith

What’s going on EAR

These impala are clearly intrigued by the camera and are busy checking it out.

Pic by John Mullineux/Caters News

But in doing so they have lined themselves up perfectly, with their ears neatly in a row.

Photographer John Mulineux managed to capture the impala at the perfect moment in the Chitabe region of the Okavango Delta, Botswana.

John said: “I was privileged to have won a prize allowing me to visit the Okavango Delta with a guest, so I took my mother with me.

Pic by John Mullineux/Caters News

“I was the only photographer on a safari with a typical tourist group all eager to see the big five and rare or large species Africa has to offer.

“Unfortunately, some days have little action, that’s just nature. This was one such day.

Pic by John Mullineux/Caters New

“Instead of getting frustrated and edgy like my safari vehicle companions, I enjoyed looking at the common impala as the light was good and they were going about their business.

“Then something caught my eye – a trio of impala all in a row.

“I felt under a lot of pressure to get this unique image quickly as the majority in the vehicle would all vote to move on the moment the guide suggested it.”