Animals Video

By Kirstie Sutheran 

That’s what you call a cheeky monkey! A teacher has filmed the moment a monkey stole his water bottle.

Erik McDonel, filmed the moment he was robbed in broad daylight by a monkey after visiting temple Phra Prang Sam Yod in Thailand – also known as ‘monkey temple.’

Erik McDonel / Caters News

The international teacher had his water bottle stolen from his bag by a macaque monkey who then tried to drink from it.

Unfortunately the monkey was too heavy handed and ripped a hole into the bottle, causing the water to leak onto the floor.

Erik was too scared to retrieve his bottle but managed to capture it all on camera.

The locals have allowed the monkeys to completely take over this temple, and once or twice per year, they put on a huge feast for the monkeys are part of a religious ceremony.

Eric said: “The monkeys are also all over the square around the temple, hanging from the railings, power lines, and light poles. I was told by the locals to park my motorcycle a couple of blocks away from the square, as the monkeys tend to tear up the seats.

“I’m an international school science teacher. At the time, I was teaching in Bangkok.

Erik McDonel / Caters News

“My wife and I bought motorcycles to commute to work, and also to ride all over Southeast Asia. This was one of my weekend trips, as it’s just a few hours from Bangkok.

“The monkeys were actually quite aggressive, so I was quite scared at first. After a while, however, I got pretty used to them. They climbed all over me. You can buy bags of food to fed the monkeys.

“After my water bottle was stolen I didn’t try and get it back, he can keep it.

“In fact, if a macaque takes any of your possessions, you will never get it back again.”