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By Kim Reader

This Scottish baby had so much hair even as a newborn he was nicknamed DENNIS THE MENACE as his long spikey locks make him look just like the Beano character.


When first-time mum Chloe Andrews, of Tain, County Ross, Scotland, went into labour she was in for an almighty shock as her baby boy Max Livingstone emerged with a full head of dark hair.

As the tot’s thick, brown barnet often stands on end it immediately earnt him the nickname Dennis the Menace from his grandad Billy Livingstone, who now plans to get a tattoo of the iconic rascal.

At just eight months old, Max’s mad mop is so long he has to have it brushed and blow dried after every bath time.

And the toddler’s mum Chloe and dad Gary Livingstone, 26, can’t go anywhere without strangers cooing over Max’s crazy do.


Supermarket cashier Chloe, 20, said: “Max had a lot of hair from the moment he was born. It was such a shock.

“His hair has always been really thick and you could spike it up. His pops nicknamed him Dennis the Menace right away and he’s going to get a tattoo of Dennis to symbolise Max.

“Then Gary and I saw this Dennis the Menace babygrow and it was just so perfect. He looks so cute in it.

“Max’s hair just hasn’t stopped growing since he was born and his fringe is always getting in his eyes and he has to have it brushed and blow dried after bath time.

“When Gary was in school some people called him mop so now they call Max mini mop.


“We can’t go anywhere without people commenting on how amazing his hair is. Everywhere we go even strangers come over and can’t get over what a full head of hair he has.

Little miracle Max was born weighing a healthy 7lb 1oz in February this year despite being induced three weeks early as his mum was suffering from the pregnancy-related liver disorder Obstetric Cholestasis.

Despite the health scare and hard work of looking after a baby, Chloe said she is loving being a new mum and her and Gary can’t wait to add to their brood.

Proud new parents Chloe and MOD training operative Gary, who met three years ago, are planning to get married in April 2018 and hope Max will be able to toddle down the aisle.

Chloe said: “It is hard work but I am really enjoying being a mum. Max is so gorgeous, he’s not just got amazing hair but these beautiful blue eyes. Gary and I are really proud.


“We are both very family-orientated so we definitely plan on having more kids soon but first we’ve got the wedding.

“Hopefully Max will be walking by then and he’ll be able to walk down the aisle with his cousin who is only four months younger.

“It’s also been a dream of mine to become a midwife ever since I saw my mum give birth to my brother when I was nine –  I cut the umbilical cord and everything.


“So I’m planning to go to uni and start a course next year. Then we’ll see about expanding our little family.”