Offbeat Video

By Charles Creasey

A baffled dad has revealed footage of a ‘UFO’ flying over Greater London – moving ‘too fast to be explained rationally’.

Gary Lowe was going out to get a takeaway in Dagenham, East London, when he spotted the ‘glowing’ object floating through the sky.

The dad-of-three swiftly disembarked from his Ford Mondeo to get out his phone and film the unexplained craft shimmering in the distance, in an effort to work out what it was.

The 38-year-old says the object didn’t look like ‘anything he’d seen before’ and claims it was travelling through the air with no engine noise and has shared the video in a bid to get answers.

Gary said: “It was completely unexplainable. I just can’t work it out myself. I suppose in this case it’s an ‘unexplained’ flying object.

“To be honest I’m not ‘into’ UFOs – I think most things can be explained rationally but that object was moving too fast and too quick at the end.

“It was glowing alternately red and white. I just can’t explain it and it’s like nothing I’ve seen before.

“That thing was right above me at one point and it was just flying with no noise at all.”

He shared the video on social media in the hope that the object could watched and analysed by UFO experts.

Gary said: “Some people have suggested that it is a military aeroplane, others reckon it might be a drone.

“I remember I was just driving down to the end of the road, it was about half nine at night. I was just going out to get my wife some dinner.

“I just saw a bright red light in the sky which dropped in slowly, so I noticed that and stopped to look at it.

“Somebody else noticed it too. There were other eye witnesses around and that thing looked pretty close.

“Planes were going overhead and when they did the lights on the thing kept going out.

“At the end when the light goes off you can see a very, very faint light still – then it just flies off to the left really quickly.

“Admittedly I don’t want to look silly and at one point I thought it might have been a drone.

“The object wasn’t doing anything and it didn’t seem to by flying around for any particular reason.

“I noticed another man walked out of the kebab shop and he noticed it too and he was just stood there looking at it.

“When I showed my wife Emma she wasn’t very amazed at all. A few other people think it’s just a drone.

“I don’t really know what it is but I’m definitely not a sceptic. If it’s from another planet or something, I just don’t know.”

Philip Mantle, former Director of Investigations at the British UFO Research Association said: “The problem we have with such video clips are they are more often than not filmed on mobile phone cameras which, to be fair, are not designed to take high quality video images.

“When you first see the ‘light’ on the video clip it does remind me of an aircraft, however the ‘light’ does seen to drop to a lower altitude much quicker than an aircraft would.

“Because of this my opinion would be that we are looking at a drone of some kind possibly illuminated more than normal by the setting sun.

“Such drones as we know can be purchased on just about any high street and are very easy to fly.

“The surroundings look like an urban area so it could well be a drone that someone was playing with.

“Where I live in a park nearby there is a model aircraft club and when in flight they move almost exactly as this light does on the video.”