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By Katy Gill

Sunbirds have been caught enjoying water and food at a local garden after surviving a deadly fire.

Brett Ellis, from South Africa, decided to install a bird feeding station in his garden after the devastating Knysna fires in June 2017.

Brett Ellis/Caters News

It had left the local wildlife damaged and Brett decided to create his own feeding contraption which he refilled four or five times per day.

The 60 year old was thrilled to film Sunbirds – just three days after the fire – drinking and feeding from the station.

Brett, who is retired, said: “The bottles are available from most outdoor centres.

“The aim is to provide a nectar supplement for mainly Sunbirds in the winter period when blossom and flowers are non-existent.

“On June 7 the Southern Cape experienced devastating fires and wind storms – nine people were killed and over 200 homes were burnt to the ground in Knysna alone.

Brett Ellis/Caters News

“Our National Parks suffered enormous damage to the natural flora and fauna.

“Local farmers lost livestock and residents lost pets in the fires. With much of the food source for wildlife having being burnt, birds and small animals needed food.

“This is when I realised that I had to provide as much food as was necessary for the birds in my garden and from around my neighbourhoods.”