Offbeat Video

By Kirstie Sutheran 

This is a proper builder’s tea – as it’s being brewed with a drill.

The ingenious invention sees a tea bag attached to a wire that is being slowly spun by a drill.

As the wire turns, the tea bag goes up and down inside the cup of hot water and brews the tea.

The tea hack was developed by Ryan Matt from New York.

He cheekily posted a message to NASA making them aware of his invention and asking them for a lead engineer position and a salary of $500,000.

Ryan, 27, said: “The tea dunker only took a few minutes to make.

“I made it because I had some down time and have always wanted to be able to brew tea without having the time to dunk the tea bag myself.

“Just think of all the possibilities – tea dunking while you make a bowl of oatmeal in the morning, or brewing a cup while you are switching the laundry over, then you come back to a perfectly brewed cup of tea.

“The possibilities are endless.

“I love to work with my hands and resolve problems. I like to tinker and make life just a little easier.

“I have been using it every morning at work to brew some delicious tea. It’s the best I’ve ever had.

“If NASA ever did approach me that would be a once in a lifetime experience. I have always been amazed by aviation technology and space exploration as well as the engineering behind it all.

“Now a rocket fuel powered tea dunker… that would be cool. Let’s send my tea to space.”