Video Viral

By Luke Kenton

This is the hilarious moment a mum-to-be picks up a tattoo gun for the very first time and uses it on her husband, to reveal the gender of their first baby together.

In Mechanicsburg, Philadelphia, USA, newlyweds Sarah Stonebaker and her tattoo artist husband, Kyle Devaney, opted for a dramatic role-reversal during their gender reveal, with Sarah tattooing Kyle instead.

Picking up the tattoo gun for the very first time, 30-year-old Sarah even has to ask how to hold the device, just moments before permanently marking her trusting husband’s ankle.


After seemingly settling her nerves – while simultaneously heightening her husband’s – Sarah presses the needle against Kyle’s skin, before once again pulling away in indecision, asking whether she should write it ‘in caps or lower case?’

After several agonizing and nerve-wracking moments for Kyle, the makeshift tattoo is finally finished, revealing the baby bump to be encasing a boy, much to the delight of the dad-to-be.

After the couple embrace one another in sheer joy, a close-up of Kyle’s ankle reveals a stellar effort on Sarah’s part, with her first tattoo proving to be a surprisingly neat one.

Kyle, who is originally from Sydney, Australia, said: “Since Sarah can’t be tattooed as she is pregnant, we thought it would be fun to switch roles and have her be the artist on me, for once.

“But as Sarah has absolutely zero experience in tattooing, I was extremely nervous for how it might turn out.

“I was pleasantly surprise as she actually handled it so well and the tattoo didn’t turn out too badly, either.

“It was a very fitting and unique way for us to do it, it was nice to do something different to the usual gender reveals.

“I was almost positive we were having a girl, and although I would’ve been so happy either way, it was hard to hide my excitement when I found out it was actually a boy.”

An elated Sarah, said: “This is our first child together.

“Kyle is a brilliant step-dad to my ten-year-old daughter and we can’t wait to extend the family with our little boy.

“We’ve been together for three years and got married in 2016.

“We’re so excited for what the future holds.”