Animals Video

By Mike Jones

An overly friendly seal gets up close to a diver to capture the ultimate ‘sealfie’.

Adam Hanlon / CATERS NEWS 

Diver, Dan Patterson, was pictured by friend and underwater photographer, Adam Hanlon, with the playful pup at Faren Islands, in Northumberland, in September this year.

Adam said: “The Farnes provide the most amazing photographic opportunities and I have visited there regularly for many years.

“The rookery of grey seals at the Farne Islands are well known for providing amazing interactions.

“These seals literally play with visiting divers and seem to derive much pleasure from doing so.

Adam Hanlon / CATERS NEWS 

“People often describe them as ‘underwater Labradors’ and certainly it is like being surrounded by a group of boisterous, happy puppies.

“I tend to watch the animals for a while before trying to capture images of them.

“This allows them to become accustomed to my presence, and allows me to figure out what they are up to.

Diver, Dan, a bricklayer from, seahouses, Northumberland, was amazed by how close he could get the wild animals.

 Adam Hanlon / CATERS NEWS

Dan said: “This particular seal was playing, nibbling on me, tugging my fins, rubbing himself on me for around 10 minutes.

“Diving with sharks, turtles, rays, cool fish is pretty awesome but when an animal comes over to you, plays with you, lets you pet him and interacts with you like that it’s something else.”