Animals Video

By Ben Walley

This sugar glider is living the dream, laid back on it’s favourite chair watching a film with it’s best friend.

The tiny pet has been spoilt rotten by it’s owner.

Lying back on a tiny chair, with his stuffed bear companion, watching Planet of the Apes, this sugar glider lives a life fit for a King!

Nurmaya Sari Siregar owns this glider, alongside sixteen others, who she loves to spoil!

Nurmaya said: “Yudi is only three weeks old and loves watching TV.

“He likes the sound effects, but he doesn’t like me annoying him while he’s watching!

“They are very cute animals and after a lot of observation are easy to care for.

“Their characters depend on the age you start keeping them and how often you play with them – they’re still a wild animal, but the younger you handle them the better.”