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By Nelson Groom

Some people use guard dogs to protect their homes, but this Golden Retriever is unlikely to ward off many intruders – because he’s terrified of kitchen tiles.

Hilarious footage shows 21-month-old pooch Taio freezing in the doorway as owner Jessica Powell calls him over – before gingerly placing one paw on the tiles and sheepishly retreating out of view.

Mother-of-two Jessica, 27, said the clumsy canine was rattled after slipping on the tiles when he was first came to her home in Tasmania, Australia, last year as a pup and has been scared ever since.

And it appears the Golden Retriever now might think he’s playing ‘the floor is lava’ as videos show even when Jessica tries to give him a helping hand to conquer his fear, he still won’t budge.

PIC FROM Jessica Powell / Caters News 

Jessica said: “The first time Taio crossed the kitchen floor he was very excited and he was running around. He slid straight across the room and onto the carpet.

“He didn’t hurt himself, but it definitely spooked him. Now, he’s just terrified of the tiles and refuses to go there.

“Taio needs to use the kitchen to get to the lounge and my bedroom, but he’s still scared so he usually gives up.”

Jessica said she is teaching her scaredy-mutt to carefully make his way across the floor, but he can’t seem to shake his fear.

But the barista said he is often turned timid in new environments but can be easily calmed down with a pat and a belly rub.

Jessica added: “He just needs a bit more practice. I wouldn’t be doing it if I was making him uncomfortable. Once he calmly crosses it he will realise that he’s not going to slip every time.

PIC FROM Jessica Powell / Caters News

“Taio can be timid when he’s in new spaces. Her becomes very timid in town, but as long as he gets a pat he calms down.

“If we walk past a motorbike or lawnmower that definitely scares him. But once he gets a belly rub he’s fine.”

Jessica said Taio is a generally pretty goofy and can’t catch, but she holds hope he will grow into himself one day.

She said: “He’s very uncoordinated. If I throw him a treat it will just hit him in the face. He can’t catch for the life of him, but maybe he will grow out of it.”