Offbeat Video

By Luke Kenton

This is the incredible moment a soldier’s re-enrollment ceremony turns into an emotional proposal surprise, in-front of the blushing bride-to-be’s family.


Getting ready to pledge the next few years of his life to the cause of the US Army, this marks a very special moment for Devin Fuller – but it isn’t just because of the ceremony at hand.

Taking the floor after swearing in his oath in El Paso, Texas, USA, Devin address his family and friends for their unwavering support during his three years in the military; he then reserves a very special mention for his girlfriend, Maggie Rodriguez.

Calling his beloved girlfriend of two years to the stage, Devin asks Maggie to hold up a sign to the crowd that reads ‘We’re going to Germany’.

But as Maggie looks away to read the sign for herself, she turns back around to see her second surprise: Devin, down on one knee, brandishing a diamond ring.

Completely caught off guard, devoted Maggie is stunned into a momentary shock, before placing her hand over her mouth in disbelief and nodding yes as the tears begin to fall.

An over-joyed Devin, who will be moving with Maggie to Germany as part of his service in the US Army, said: “There are so many reason why I waited until this day to ask Maggie to marry me.


“First of all, her family would be there and I knew that would be very important to her, but I also wanted her to feel involved in my lifestyle and future.

“I wanted her to know that no matter where we go, she will always have the military as her family.

“I had been waiting for this day for such a long time, I’d been planning the proposal for over five months and had kept the ring hidden in a sock inside my dresser draw.

“It was very hard to keep a secret – not only did I have to worry about losing the ring when we moved apartments, but also about one of her family or her friends letting it slip.

“Thankfully everything went just as planned, it couldn’t have gone better.”

Maggie added: “It’s definitely been a moment I’ve been waiting for since I met Devin, I’ve knew I wanted to marry him the moment I met him.

“When I actually saw him down on his knee, it was so surreal.

“It was as if all of our memories together flashed before my eyes and everything that we’d ever been through had led us to this moment.

“He’s been trying to throw me off the scent for some time, stating he had no plans to get married anytime soon.

“I was almost discouraged thinking he may never want to marry me, but little did I know it was all part of his plan.

“I remember thinking, ‘What’s up with everyone?’, on the day, as everyone seemed so overly happy.

“The wedding has been set for December 2nd and we’re both beyond excited for what our new life holds in Germany.”