By Kim Reader

This stunning snap captures the moment time seems to stand still as a kingfisher BURSTS out of the water – with thousands  of water droplets suspended around it.

Pic by Roger Jepson/Mercury Press

The striking set of images of the tiny colourful bird emerging with a fish from the River Dee in Kircudbright, Scotland, were captured on September 3.

Despite the kingfisher being notoriously speedy, one of Roger Jepson’s incredible shots shows it frozen in time with wings spread and fish in mouth.

The 63-year-old spent eight hours getting soaked through with heavy rain in a muddy hide on the banks of the river photographing the ‘beautiful’ fishing bird.

And retired power station worker Roger said he was over the moon to be able to get such great action photos of the ‘addictive’ bird.

Roger from Llanidloes in Powys, Wales, said: “I had been out in this muddy hide all day. By the end of the day I was absolutely perished and soaked through. The weather had been terrible.

Pic by Roger Jepson/Mercury Press

“But it was all worth it to have got those shots of the kingfisher. I am over the moon with them. I have never been able to get such great action shots and from such a low angle.

“They are tiny birds and they’re so quick, it is really hard to catch them. So many of the photos from that day are so blurry they’re no good.

“But in these photos, the kingfisher is just bursting out of the water. I love the fact you can see every drop of water and in the sequence you can see the water spraying off his beak.

“I love kingfishers, they’re so addictive. They are difficult to photograph so it’s a fun challenge and they are so beautiful. The colours are incredible.

“I remember I used to see them all the time but about 40 years ago they just vanished. It’s great to have them back. One of the many benefits of living out in the sticks.”

To capture the beautiful shot, Roger used a Canon 1 DX with a Canon 70-200mm f2.8 lens and a 1/1,200 shutter speed.

Roger got into photography three years ago after a shoulder injury put an end to his old hobby, golf.

Pic by Roger Jepson/Mercury Press

While his main focus is aviation photography, Roger has also shown a flare for taking wildlife and nature shots.

The amateur snapper now loves nothing more than getting in his camper van and travelling across the country to pursue the hobby which is becoming an ‘obsession’.

Roger said: “I have always taken pictures with point and shoot cameras but I never got into photography until a few years ago when I wrecked my shoulder and couldn’t play gold any more.

“But it is very quickly taking over my life, it has become a bit of an obsession. I love travelling all over the country.

“I just get in my camper van and go and grab a few hours’ sleep so I can get up early.

Pic by Roger Jepson/Mercury Press

“Nature photography was meant to be a bit of a side project but it is getting more and more prevalent.”