Amazing Video

By Bethany Gleave

This is the moment a ‘mischievous’ tortoise lived up to his namesake Reggie Kray and managed to JUMP on a cat during a daring escape attempt – despite moving at a crawling pace.

Donna Walsh, from Carmarthen, south Wales, began filming her five-year-old tortoise Reggie as he made an attempt to escape the house, climbing over cardboard boxes and other obstacles.

Hilarious footage shows Reggie make his short but difficult journey over the box and door frame, before finding himself perched perilously above the cat on the doorstep.

While tortoises are renowned for their sluggish pace, Reggie manages to fling himself off the step and towards the cat – with the shocked feline only managing to flee in the nick of time.

Donna said: “Reggie is a very determined tortoise, he moves really quickly, which surprises a lot of people really. Tortoises are often seen as being really slow.

“It was funny to watch as he just slowly creeps up behind the cat. Then Reggie stops, assesses the situation and decides to jump.

“He wouldn’t let the cat stop him. He does what he wants.

“The cats normally just turn around and look at him as if they have never seen him before and turn away.

“I think this time Reggie gave them a bit of a shock.

“The cardboard box was actually right up against the door at first and Reggie had been trying to move it for a couple of minutes.

“He just kept slowly moving the box until there was just about enough room to squeeze through.”

Donna and her nine-year-old son Maddison adopted Reggie at the beginning of the summer holidays after he was rescued by a family in Stoke-on-Trent.

While Reggie was named after one of the Kray twins, Donna did not realise how much he would live up to the moniker.

Teaching assistant Donna said: “I travelled from Carmarthen to Stoke-on-Trent to collect him as he needed a home.

“When we first brought Reggie back we thought he was a girl, but a group on Facebook kindly helped me figure out he was actually a boy.

“We named him Reggie after one of the Kray twins, at that point we didn’t really know how mischievous he was but I think it definitely suits him.

“He isn’t naughty but he is very mischievous.

“I’ve got three cats as well as Reggie and they do get on well but they mess around together.

“They don’t bother each other or fight they just get along but Reggie tries to taunt them and occasionally use them as a landing pad.

“Maddison loves having Reggie around, he helps to bathe Reggie and is constantly making sure he is okay.

“Sometimes I even spot Reggie watching the television as Maddison plays on his game console.”