Animals Video

By Jack Williams

A daring individual has showcased his superhero powers for educational purposes, dressing up as Superman to raid an alligator’s nest.

The Man of Steel confidently jumped over the gator in order to help staff at Colardo Gator Farm gather the animal’s eggs.

Then, in another heart-stopping moment, experience Jay Young, dressed as the iconic superhero, poked the gator with a piece of wood, as not to harm its teeth, and patted its nose while others helped out.

Pic from Colorado Gator Farm / Caters

Towards the end of the show, which was watched by a number of intrigued onlookers, Jay even sat on gator Lori’s back to pose for photos.

Of the August 5, 2017, show in Mosca, Colorda, USA, Jay said: “It was hot but fun.

“This is just daily work for us, taking care of the alligators when the need arises.

“I just happened to be dressed as Superman when this particular need arose.

“What I enjoy most about working with alligators is that they are predictable – you know they are going to try to kill you.

“I know their limitations and I know my own, and usually stay between those boundaries.”

The heroes and villains theme was part of Gator Fest, one of the park’s busiest periods.

Lori laid her eggs very late, one staff member said, and was therefore being very territorial, biting her fence on occasions.

Pic from Colorado Gator Farm / Caters

By entering the enclosure and taking her eggs, staff hoped that the alligator witnessing that her eggs are no longer in her possession would help calm her down.

Lori is one of the original gators at the park, brought in in 1987 to eat fish, and currently is housed with 20 or so smaller gators to prevent them fighting.

Jason McDonald, head of social media at Colorado Gator Farm, said: “The next day when we walked by her pen she didn’t attack the fence or anything, so it really was for the best.

“We take the eggs and blow them out and give to kids and schools for educational purposes.

“Many people learn better from hands on experience, and handing a kid an egg and letting them see something for themselves really can get through to them.”